Monday, November 28, 2011

November 26, 2011- New weightlifting regimen


This break I have started a new weight training routine to build strength for sprint season. It involves getting a mass gainer from the vitamin store. This will add 600 calories to my 3000 calorie diet bringing me to 3600. At 3000 my weight remains constant at 145. I hope to steadily increase my lean body mass to 155 so that I can have the max amount of muscle for sprints and remain in the light weight limit. I am feeling very comitted to this goal and I hope that it will result in positive speed gains.

November 26, 2011-Recorded music for Burra Katha


We got the Jazz
Fast Lane
Beneath the surface

These are the songs that I managed to record today with Taylor. We sent them to Jaewon to be mastered and put on the mixtape for CAS. All of them need to be regulated and recorded over again because of nuances with the mic. I have a lot of respect for professional artists who must spend weeks trying to get a song to sound just perfect. I have learned a lot about myself through this session. Without jaewon to do all the software management, I had to record and edit mine and Taylors voice myself. I learned that I am actually competent enough to do this. Jaewon was able to use my edits in his computer via email which means I was good enough to record on my own. This is a very comforting thought and makes me feel accomplished and confident.

November 24, 2011-Lyrics for Burra Katha


I wrote several new songs today. The one's I will be keeping are We Got the Jazz and I Dont Need Brighter Days. The first is simple braggadocio in the style of old school alternative rap. Its very light hearted and a lot of fun to rap and recite. The latter is much more somber and deals with the bitterness that comes from having relationship problems. I took elements of my own life and incorporated them into  a song to advocate against feeling bitter. I try to encourage people to walk away from stress and live life normally because there is no use in stressing. I love writing these lyrics because they are very introspective and creative because you have to think of word play and interesting metaphors.

November 11, 2011-Volunteered at Wine Tasting

We helped to setup (rig) and then wrap up (derig) boats for the annual GAR Wine tasting event. This is the largest fundraiser for Gainesville Area Rowing. They usually make $8000-$10,000 at this event.
I also helped serve the wine to people by passing bottles to the servers. I was enjoying the live music and the company of my friends. The event made me feel happy because I got to hear music which makes everything better and I got to see Dr. Morris, my 8th grade history teacher. He was a very big part of my child hood and it was nice to see him. We talked about college and he wished me luck for my choices of schools. He then recited his old motto "Do your best today" and I felt absolutely wonderful to hear those words from him. I learned that it is important to continue to keep in touch with those important to you because you want their friendship to last forever.

October 22, 2011-Scrimmage at Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL


Scrimmage at Bolles. This was a fun race. We raced against 4 bolles boats. We beat all of them except the V8 soundly. This was to be expected because they are 2x heavier than us. We beat the boats that would be in our lwt8 category so thats all that was really required of us. This was a good outcome for the boat as a team because it boosted our confidence. Bolles has much more money than we do and much nicer equipment/facilities. Their boathouse is 2 stories tall with an airconditioned erg and weightroom, with an elevator and shower room. Despite all these luxuries, old-school rocky training managed to prevail over the russian-beast Bolles. I learned that despite disadvantages one might face, you cannot get discouraged before the race even begins, you have to go into the race believing you can beat anyone. Only then can you race with focus.

November 19, 2011- Head of the Giblet


I raced in the lightweight 8 at the Head of the Giblet in Orlando. I was extremely angry after this race. We had to stop in the middle because the boat in front of us that we were passing would not yield to us like you are supposed to. This cost us a lot of time because of all the speed we lost slowing down, stopping, and then speeding back up. In the end, we missed 3rd place by a margin of only 20 seconds. Far less than we lost because of the St. Andrews River not yielding. This means if it wasn't for them, I would have medaled. This is a big blow to my morale, but I used it as motivation and hung the results of the race in my room to remind me victory is within reach. St. Andrews was assessed a 30 seconds penalty which helps no one because they were dead last anyways. If we had been given a 30 seconds boost we would have had 3rd place easily. I take this race as motivation to keep pushing and getting stronger.

November 4-6, 2011- Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga

This was my 4th year at the Head of the Hooch!! The final race at the Head of the Hooch was the best, the weather was perfect and so was the racing. We placed well in the lwt 8 and we were actually 1st out of all the JV8 times. This puts us in great position to continue. We do not get enough water time on account of the lake being dry, but that did'nt stop us from rowing extremely well in the 4 and the lwt8. These were 2 of the best head races ive ever participated in. After every power 10, the pressure did not drop, it maintained and actually built up over time. This was proof to me that focus and hard work can sometimes overcome even the worst of conditions.